07.03.2004 - 21.06.2008 †

Sire: UK Ch. Terlingfair Country Boy from MyStyle X Dam: Burundi van 't Patdana Home

A Heart of Gold

We want to let you know, that our Golden Girl [Whoopi] past away with her babys.
We can not believe it, we are so hurt ...
Rest in peace my darling, with your children ...
We shall always think of you.
You and your babys deserve to be in the dogheaven.

Our love, our Golden Girl, thanks for everything you gave us, we miss you very much.
We miss you, there is a huge whole here.
Enjoy your rest, you deserved it after these beautiful years.
And as someone said so nice about you; May you be a star as nice in heaven if you where with us.
A last hug, a really BIG one .
You are not longer with us, but you will be in our hearts en minds forever.

With Love
Diddy & Floor


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