Bulldog of the Year 2004

UK's Top Stud Dog 2008

Date Result Judge
Int Championship Show 05.07.2003 Echt (NL) Best Puppy Mr John Williams (NL)
Special Clubshow 27.07.2003 Estrup (DK) Best Puppy in Show Bas Bosch (NL)
Int Championship Show 23.08.2003 Mechelen (B) Best Puppy & Best Puppy in Show Mrs Anne Marie Class (F) & Mr F Istas (F)
Int Championship Show 30.08.2003 Rotterdam (NL) Best Puppy & Res Best Puppy in the Group Mr Chris Carberry (UK) & Mrs PH Runderkamp (NL)
Special Clubshow 07.09.2003 Silkenborg (DK) Best Puppy & Res Best Puppy in Show Mr Jari Laakso (FIN) & Mrs Rigmor Ulstad (N)
Int Championship Show 27.09.2003 Maastricht (NL) 1 Excellent, Best Junior Dog Mr Hans vd Berg (NL)
Championship Show 11.10.2003 Zwolle (NL) 1 Excellent, Best Junior Dog Mr Bob Wain (UK)
Int Championship Show 19.10.2003 Dortmund (GER) 2 Excellent Mr Les Thorpe (UK)
Int Championship Show 02.11.2003 Bleiswijk (NL) 1 Excellent, Best Junior Dog Mrs Brenda Banburry (UK)
Int Championship Show 08.11.2003 Strassbourg (F) 1 Excellent Mr Norman Davis (UK)
Int Championship Show 15.11.2003 Kortrijk (B) 1 Excellent, Best Junior & BOB, 3rd in Group 2 FCI Mrs Helene Danis (F) & Mr Edd E Bivin (USA)
Championship Show 16.11.2003 Frankenberg Sachs (GER) Best Junior, CAC, BOB, BIS Mr Vladimir Adit (CR)
Championship Show 14.12.2003 Den Bosch (NL) Best Junior, CAC, BOB, 6th BIS Mrs Pat Davis (UK) & Mr John Williams (NL)
Int Championship Show 01.02.2004 Eindhoven (NL) Best Junior, Res CAC Mr Piet Roosenboom (NL)
Int Championship Show 29.02.2004 Munchen (GER) 1 Excellent, Best Junior, Bayern Jugendsieger 2004 Mr Walter Schicker (GER)
Int Championship Show 13.03.2004 Hoogstraten (B) Res CAC-CACIB Mr Victor van Raamsdonk (NL)
Int Championship Show 14.03.2004 Offenburg (GER) 1 Excellent, Best Open Dog, VDH Champion Mr Walter Schicker (GER)
Int Championship Show 28.03.2004 Berlin (GER) 1 Exc, Best Junior, Res CAC, Jugendsieger Berlin 2004 Mr Jochem Weinberg (GER)
Int Championship Show Leeuwarden (NL) 1 Excellent, Best Open Dog, Res CACIB MR Robin Searle (UK)
Int Championship Show 07.05.2004 Dortmund (GER) 1 Exc, Res CAC, CACIB, VDH CH, VDH Europasieger '04 Mr Moreno Maltagliati (IT)
Int Championship Show 08.05.2004 Wieze (B) 1 Exc, CAC, BOB, Hopking 2004, 5th in Group 2 FCI Mrs Cathy Delmar (IRL) & Mr Hans vd Berg (NL)
Int Championship Show 30.05.2004 Saarbrucken (GER) 1 Excellent, Res CAC & CACIB & VDH Ch. Mr. Piet Roosenboom (NL)
Championship Show 03.07.2004 Windsor (UK) Res CAC Mrs F Somerfield (UK)
Championship Show 14.07.2004 Leeds (UK) Res CAC Mrs CE Cartlegde (UK)
Championship Show 15.08.2004 Bournemouth (UK) CAC Mrs Ellen Cotton (UK)
Championship Show 02.09.2004 Darlington (UK) CAC Mrs Shirley Seef (SA)
East Midland Bulldog Clubshow 02.10.2004 (UK) CAC ( his 3rd CC in a record time of just 5 weeks) Mrs Viv Williams (UK)
Bulldog of the Year 27.11.2004 Luton (UK) BULLDOG OF THE YEAR 2004 Mrs B. Banbury & Mrs S. Cartwright & Mr L. Lund (UK)
A big thank you to Ocobo / MyStyle Kennel for showing Ozzy to UK Champion and Bulldog of the Year 2004

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